Acne can be daunting whether you are a teenager or an adult, and it can be very hard on your self esteem.  How to treat it can be even more overwhelming.  Dr. Nowicky and his staff will spend time helping you understand the common pathways of acne formation and knowing your breakout pattern.  Leaving our office with a treatment plan will give you a spring in your step.  A combination of both over the counter and prescription medications will have you on your way to fighting the bacteria and flushing out your pores. It really is a challenge to find the best products for acne at your nearest drugstore.  To help you in this confusion, our staff try and test all products, carefully analyzing dozens of skin care options and coming up with our list of preferred products to share with you. It is this insightful, hands on experience that is helpful for your at home routine, combined with prescription medicines.  During your new acne regime our staff will call to check on you, offering support and encouragement to get you over the hump. 

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