Rashes and Eczema

What is Eczema?

Eczema is a general term used to describe an inflammation of the skin. In fact, eczema is a series of chronic skin conditions that produce itchy rashes; scaly, dry and leathery areas; skin redness; or inflammation around blisters. It can be located anywhere on the body, but most frequently appears in the creases on the face, arms and legs. Itchiness is the key characteristic and symptom of eczema. When scratched, the lesions may begin to ooze and get crusted. Over time, painful cracks in the scaly, leathery tissue can form.
Eczema affects people of all races, genders and ages. It is thought to be hereditary and is not contagious. The cause of eczema remains unknown, but it usually has physical, environmental or lifestyle triggers. Coming into contact with a trigger, such as wind or an allergy-producing fabric, launches the rash and inflammation. Although it is possible to get eczema only once, the majority of cases are chronic and are characterized by intermittent flare-ups throughout a person's life.
For mild cases, over-the-counter topical creams and antihistamines can relieve the itching. In persistent cases, a dermatologist will likely prescribe stronger medicine, such as steroid creams, oral steroids (corticosteroids), antibiotic pills or antifungal creams to treat any potential infection.
The best form of prevention is to identify and remove the trigger. You should also use mild cleansers and keep your skin well moisturized at all times. Also avoid scratching the rash (which can lead to infection) and situations that make you sweat, such as strenuous exercise.

What is a rash?

Rashes are a common skin condition that everyone experiences at one time or another.  There are numerous causes of rashes, ranging from allergic reactions, infections, and medical conditions to insect stings.  Some types of rashes can be treated at home with over-the-counter or home remedies.  A doctor should evaluate severe rashes or those that  get worse instead of better.

Treatment of Rashes and Eczema

There are many different options for treating rashes and eczema depending on location and severity. The first step is to consult our physicians at Carolinas Skin Center to diagnose and determine your best course of action. Call us or book an appointment online today.

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